Moxia Sphere – Futuristic OLED Browsing Device

moixa_sphere_1The Moxia Sphere.

I know it’s cool – but I’m also not entirely sure if it’s a standalone puter or an OLED 3D gyroscopic mouse!

Moixa’s patent has just come to light and whatever this groovy device is it looks like it can morph from being spherical or elliptical shapes and flat for storage/fitting in your pocket.

From what I can gather the design relies upon flexible screens – I’m guessing coated OLED numbers.

What I am totally digging is the way the artists impression shows Google Earth as coming up as an actual globe – Ah, all the megalomaniacs rejoyce!


You also would get a carousel of browser screens or game scenarios that you can literally flick through.

Moixa describes a Wiimote and iPhone combo of multitouch interaction and gyroscopic control for neat gadget.

It is said be recharged by “opening a leaf-like petal”. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…………!

All it really needs is for OLED’s to catch up with the concept – when they do I look forward to actually reviewing Moxia’s glimpse in to the future.

I got this from Moixa via the fabby Pocket Lint