Motorola XOOM UK Release Date

Good news people! Motorola’s XOOM is heading over to little ol’ Blighty in a couple of months!

The XOOM is rocking a 1GHz processor, 10.1-inch display and Android 3.0 Honeycomb and has wowed almost all who’ve seen it – apparently the XOOM was “designed with the consumer in mind” according to Motorola. Hmmm…. that’s a step in the right direction for someone who builds consumer electronics. Well done Moto! 🙂

Things went a little (a lot) awry when news of its ‘HOW MUCH!?!’ price point of £720 hit us credit crunched. You could buy an iPad and then have a weekend away for less than a Xoom!

You do get an accelerometer, 5MP camera, 2MP front-facing camera, HDMI out, and full HD playback. Oh, and a barometer. For that price I’d expect the Met Office to be live at the other end of an exclusive Xoom app!

Nothing more specific than Q2 2011 has been mumbled by Motorola at the mo and if they don’t start with the Galaxy style price reductions soon I can’t see Moto shifting many – Remember, keep the consumer in mind 😉

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