Motorola VerveRider+ fitness earphones review

Motorola VerveRider+


Build quality




Ease of use


Sound quality





  • Comfortable
  • Keeps your earbuds safe
  • Decent sound quality
  • Good battery life
  • Water/Sweat resistant


  • Orange. So orange
  • App could do more

motorola-ververider-reviewYou have probably read the review of the totally wireless VerveOnes+ (think a chunky AirPod that looks less like you’ve shoved an electric toothbrush tip in your ear). Here is its slightly less technically amazing, but still darned fine looking, stablemate. I give you the VerveRider+.

The Motorola VerveRider+ Bluetooth earphones are, as its name suggests, aimed at those who tend to ride things for fitness. So, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, horses, you get the idea.

Saying that though, I reckon that these would fit the running types too.

You see, where the VerveOnes+ were great in that they had absolutely no chords attaching them to anything (or each other) that ‘leads’ to a problem. You can’t just flick out an earpiece to listen to something/one. Well, you could and watch that rather non-cheap earpiece barrel along the floor.

The VerveRider+, however, do have cables attaching them but to a natty control collar.

VerveRider+ design

As I have already hinted at, the VerveRider+ is based around a flexible, yet sturdy collar.

This collar hosts all of the controls as well as giving the earbuds something to be attached to. Attached in more than one way.

Firstly, the controls. Most of this live on the right end of the collar.

ververider-forward-backOn the edge you have the joint volume/track skip rocker control.

ververider-buttonsThe face of this side is home to the play/pause button recessed in a little circular area.

Over on the left hand side, you get the call answer/end button in its exact opposite location.

ververider-power-and-usbWhile we’re over on this side the bottom edge here is where you power these on and control the Bluetooth sync. This button can be a bit tricky to find at first.

Also this is where you’ll find the USB charging port.

At the very tips on both sides is a microphone, for extra clear hands-free calling.

I did mention that the earbuds were attached in more than one way. Those cool recessed buttons on the front of the collar are magnetic as are the bases of the earbuds. So, when they are not in use they can be attached to the collar, out of harms way. Neat huh?

VerveRider+ performance

Having that plus symbol in the VerveRider’s name signifies that this kit is happy to get moist. Sweat and a little bit of rain won’t stop this fitness freak from performing.

Just don’t wear it in the shower or go swimming with it, ok?

The battery life is quoted at 12 hours before needing a boost and I have easily managed to get a good week of commutes and lunchtime listening.

Sound quality

I must say that I hardly noticed the collar at all. Which is good as that was my main concern having never worn any earphones like this before.

The accompanying Hubble Connect app doesn’t have the same array of features as it does with the VerveOnes+ but it still has the tracker. Which is handy.

motorola-ververider-reviewThe audio is comparable to the other Verve headphones which is pretty good. You don’t get the variety of EQ settings as the Ones but, to be honest, these didn’t need them.

The bass-end is favoured, of course, but everything else sits just about right in the mix. The tips offer decent isolation ones you have found the optimum fit.


The VerveRider+ comes with a selection of tips so getting a good fit shouldn’t be a problem.

Having all the electronic gadgety in the collar means that the earbuds themselves are fairly light. Wearing these for long periods of time, on a bike ride for example, should be easily acheived without discomfort.

I don’t cycle but I do buy coffee. A lot. And being able to flick one of the earbuds out in order to converse with a Barista is something most earbuds can achieve. But not having the earbud flail around loose could be distracting when cycling. This isn’t something you have to worry about with the Rider+ thanks to those little magnets.

ververider-band-detailI will openly admit that I have sat at my desk all day with the collar around my neck and earbuds sat in their magnets and never noticed til home time. Yes, that’s the kind of colleagues I have.

Still, it just shows how unobtrusive the VerveRider+ is.

VerveRider+ review conclusion

The Motorola VerveRider+ might look a bit odd, but most specialist equipment does.

I was extremely dubious about wearing a bright orange collar with earbuds hanging from it but the design works; and it works well.

Being water and sweat resistant is good but having the magnetic buds attach to the collar when not in use is great.

The sound quality is good enough to get that motivational playlist pumping in to your ears. Should you need to chat to anyone, at least you know that you’ll easily find your earbud again.

VerveRider+ price and availability

The Motorola VerveRider+ is available now for £55 from Amazon.