Motorola VerveLife UK launch

VerveLife rangeVerveLife by Motorola was announced earlier this year at Mobile World Congress as a range of funky active accessories for your smartphone.

GadgetyNews was invited to the launch on June 14th to get hands on with the new range of connected devices that aim to add a little fun to your mobile life.

Chatting with one of the VerveLife team they explained that this new range is coming from the Binatone arm rather the Lenovo side of the business.

I like the fact that all of these devices, which we shall meet in a little while, all share a common app called Hubble Connect for VerveLife.

This one-size-fits-all app will not only let you change the settings of your headphones but, when future devices land, hand you remote access to your camera and other devices. In a smart move for Moto, the app is available for both Android and iPhone.

One of the features of this app, aside from controlling your devices, is being able to find their location on a map. If you left your headphones at the gym, you’ll be able to know, rather than spending untold hours rooting through the bottom of your bag wondering if there’s a portal to another dimension hidden in there.

The VerveLife range – present and future

Verve Ones+

I have seen many Kickstarter devices like this but this is the first commercial separate, wireless ear buds that I have seen from, or associated with, a recognised brand.

The VerveOnes offer the ultimate in convenience. These earbuds are totally free from wires and come in a very clever case.

There are two versions of the VerveOnes: the ones with the + and orange highlights indicate that they have an IP57 protection rating, so they won’t be damaged by rain or sweat. The regular Ones lack this rating, as well as the orange, but are cheaper as a result.

Verve Ones+ topThe VerveOnes come with three different sizes of tip in two styles (flanged or non-flanged) so that you should be able to find a decent fit. The VerveOnes+ that I have with me here at Gadgety HQ seem to be light enough to be comfortable and, after playing around with a variety of tips, the buds stay securely in place. The real test of these will be the coming week after which I will post a full review.

The have a neat blue LED which shows when they are charging as well as when they’re connected to your device and synced with each other. Verve Ones+ charging portI really dig the VerveOnes+ case though.

This is not only used to protect the earphones when not being used but to charge the ear buds. The case is charged by MicroUSB, and give the Ones 12 hours of playback but not all in one go.

You see, the case is also a powerbank of sorts. Charge it up with the buds and they’ll hold charge for 3 hours or so. When you’re not using them, pop them back in to the case and it will top up the earphones with charge. If you find yourself in a bit of a pinch and your phone is about to die, hook up the USB cable to the case and your phone and it will give your mobile a boost. Awesome!

verve ones+The Ones offer an ambient mode, so you can hear your surroundings as well as your music, ideal for those running or cycling in the city. There are six different sound modes and you’ll be able to make and take calls, with full support for Google and Siri voice controls thanks to each bud housing a mic.

I have completed my first commute in to work this morning and my first impressions of the VerveOnes+ are good, with no syncing problems and a comfortable stable fit.

The VerveLife VerveOnes+ cost £229.99; the regular Ones £199.99.


If the VerveOnes are a bit too futuristic, or expensive, for you then the VerveLife VerveLoop+ might be more to your liking.

The VerveLoop+ is a wireless set of Bluetooth headphones where the earbuds connected by a wire. We have no doubt all seen this configuration before, but it works. You get the comfort and isolating properties of snug earbuds but with the convenience of something to hang around your neck if you want to take an earbud out.

Verve Loop+As these have the + suffix it means that the VerveLoop+ offers that IP57 waterproofing and so are ideal for wearing as you work up a sweat. These come with four different tips and three different stabilisers which loop into the top of your ear for added support, to keep them nice and secure.

The VerveLoop+ comes equipped with an inline remote and house a Micro-USB charging port and mic, so hands free calls and voice commands via Siri and Google are catered for. You’ll get an impressive 9.5 hours of battery life from the Loop+.

The VerveLife VerveLoop+ costs £59.99.


Looking for something that loiters around your neck for stability but also like the freedom of Bluetooth earbuds? Here’s the VerveLife VerveRider+.

These, again, come in two versions with the Rider+ offering IP57 proofing, which the regular Rider lacks.

Verve Rider+The VerveRider offers a neckband style headphone which are… well… worn around your neck but the buds connect to the neckband magnetically when they’re not in use.

You get a selection of three tips and the neckband is nice, light and comfortable. The band offers a range of music controls as well as the charging port.

The VerveRider also works with Siri and Google, and offers up to 12 hours of playback. I also have some VerveRider+ headphones to review, so keep an eye out!

The VerveLife VerveRider+ will cost you £79.99; the VerveLife Rider is £59.99.

Coming soon…

Sat amongst the new releases were a couple of devices that are pencilled for release later in the year. Naturally, GadgetyNews was there to have a quick pre-release snoop around.


Joining the VerveLife collection in September is the VerveCam+. This action camera is designed as a wearable social camera, with a wide 138 degree view and video capture at up to 2.5K, 30fps.

The cam is all set to live stream direct to the likes of YouTube, Periscope and Facebook – as long as you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection or great data plan on your mobile device.

Verve action camDon’t worry though, you can also capture video on to an SD card.

The camera itself isn’t protected from the elements, but there’s an IP68 rated case for it, so you’ll be able to capture all the action no matter how wet you’re getting, even up to 30m deep.

According to the bumf at the VerveLife launch, it will also come with a clip so you can hang it off your clothes and whatnot, and other lifestyle cases.

Prices start from £149.99.


The other up and coming product is the canine-centric VerveRetrieve.

Details are a tad sketchy around this but what I do know is that it’s designed to help you keep track of your dog (or mates on a pub crawl) through the wireless GPS tracker.

Verve Ones+ and RetrieveFrom what I gather, the collar isn’t included.

This could well be a handy thing if you’re always losing your dog (or your drinking buddies).

More details will appear on the VerveLife website as these roll out.

VerveLife availability

The VerveLife VerveOnes and VerveOnes+, VerveLoop+, VerveRider and VerveRider+ are all available now on