Motorola Scout Traks pet tracker

motorola scout traks orangeDogs, generally, do follow commands. But the instance of Fenton heading off towards deers will be forever etched in our collective mind. So, how do you keep track of your pet’s location? Here’s Motorola Scout Traks wearable.

The Scout Traks pet tracker attaches to your fur baby’s collar and not only keeps track of them but also provides additional info.

Motorola’s pet wearable can impart information regarding exercise, wellbeing and temperature of your canine.

Additionally, you can receive real-time alerts on location through the Hubble for Pets app.

Geo-fencing is also available and alerts can be set for when a dog escapes a pre-set zone.

Motorola Scout Traks

motorola scout traks collarThe Scout Traks device weighs under 30g and comes with a waterproof silicon rubber housing.

It is packing GPS, an ambient temperature sensor and an accelerometer. The latter uses an algorithm that not tracks the amount of exercise a dog has undertaken. Furthermore, it also compares the data with other breeds within the companion app.

If your pooch is gaining a paunch, you can use the information to set long-term goals, such as routines and feeding.

The Scout Traks battery will give up to three days of use, while charging from flat to full capacity takes around an hour.

Price and availability

The Motorola Scout Traks is available for £99.99 from Hubble Connected and includes a full first year service plan that comes with 150 location calls (safe zone breach, on demand location or temperature alerts) per month.

The service plan can then be renewed for £35 per year.