Motorola Morrison – Moto Breaking on Through to the Android Side

motorola-morrison-androidMotorola hasn’t really been in that good a shape recently.

Ok, The Aura was pretty fancy in both build quality and screen res, the MOVR device is kinda groovy and their 25th Anniversary concepts looked awesome!

This might be the best way for Motorola to light some fires – an Android packing mobile.

Them being a member of the Open Handset Alliance is certainly going to open Doors (sorry).

The Morrison looks to have a decent sized touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY board and a D-Pad placed sensibly – could this open up the possibility for gaming?

Perhaps if it’s released in funky colours, praps with changeable fascias they may get the teens to Love it Madly 🙂

I can’t find any news about release dates or pricing but it is certain that the Morrison will be choosing T-Mobile.

If and when I get more – so shall you 🙂

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