Motorola Gleam+ Party Like it’s 1996

Motorola Gleam+ Clamshell PhoneWait! Come back! You’ve not been teleported back in time – this is a NEW phone from Motorola and it’s called the Gleam+!

I agree. When was the last time you saw someone proudly flipping open their clamshell mobile? That’s not stopping Motorola though as its new Gleam+ is landing on the shelves as I type.

The retrotastic Gleam+ only costs £70 to buy outright and is packing a 2.8mm 400×240 screen, 2MP camera, plus internet browsing and social networking via an Opera browser.

It’s not going to enter your top 5 smartphone wishlist but you do get email, Bluetooth, an MP3 player and up to 16GB of memory with an SD card.

The Gleam+ tips the scales at 105g and, being a flip phone, you’re looking at a chunky 13.5mm thick when folded.

You also get some pretty LED dots on the case which will inform you of the time in rather large digits.

What more could you possibly want for £10 a month?

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