Motorola Flipout Wants Square to be Hip

The first time I saw this Motorola I thought I was staring at a rebranded Nokia 7705.

The same twist-out square form-factor of the Nok is also evident in this new Moto.

So, what has the Motorola Flipout going to bring us this Summer?

Well, Flipout will be running Android 2.1 under its 2.8 inch, 240×320 TFT screen. It’s loaded with HSDPA and aGPS and houses a 3MP snapper partnered with a flash.

As with the Nokia 7705, the twisting reveals a handy 5 layer QWERTY keyboard so you can sling off all those texts, emails and Facebook updates.

Talking about social networking the user interface is the much-loved Motoblur which pulls all your conversations onto the homescreen.

As I said, Flipper….. errr… The Flipout will be available in the UK this coming summer. It looks like Orange is getting it first and it will come in territory specific hues and interchangeable covers.

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