Motorola Droid 3 Details Leaked in How To Video

Leaks are always more rewarding when the companies involved have been super secretive about their products aren’t they? Verizon and Motorola have been keeping mum about the Droid 3 but a nice big leak has just squirted out some of that much needed geekahol!

What appears to be a pretty new phone blog has managed to grab themselves a trio of tasty tutorials of the new Droid.

The new Motorola phone with a five-row QWERTY slidey-out keyboard is seen going through its paces and, as it does so, teases us with some tasty tid-bits.

We get to see that there’s an 8-megapixel camera on board, which can capture 1080p HD video for instance. I’m taking it that the camera button is a touchscreen number as there doesn’t appear to be a dedicated hardware button on the body.

The Droid 3 is also seemingly sporting a pair of volume buttons on the right edge which replaces the usual choice of a rocker. The micro-USB and mini-HDMI ports are on the left edge as currently enjoyed by the Droid X2.

Swype is still present and correct you’ll be pleased to know.

There’s no hint at whether the Droid 3 is rocking a dual core chip or what version of Android will be onboard but hey – this is only a leak 😉

Enjoy the vids 🙂

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