Motorola Aura – Another Word’s First

At first glance I thought I was having flash-backs to when I owned a V80 then thought – surly that’s a V70!

But then I read the press blurb about the Aura and looked more closely.

Over 700 individual components, a stainless steel housing, a front plate that takes a fortnight to create.


Motorola is hoping you give a damn about all these tiny facts that go into creating this flashy phone.

I can’t deny that it does look rather nice and it also has the world’s first 16-million colour circular display.

It boasts a Swiss-made main bearing, 62-carat sapphire crystal lens, a 2-megapixel camera (!?), stereo Bluetooth, microUSB port, quad-band GSM connectivity, a microSD card slot, multimedia player and up to 7.3-hours of talk time (400-hours in standby).

It weighs a tiny 4.97 ounces and is available exclusively from the MOTO STORE for $1,999.99 shipping out beginning December 4th.

Aura Site