Motorola Atrix UK Exclusive to Everything Everywhere [Orange and T-Mobile]

If you’re itching to get your UK-based paws on a mobile phone that converts into a fully blown netbook – then your wait is almost over.

The Motorola Atrix has apparently been bagged by the Orange and T-Mobile tag-team as an Everything Everywhere exclusive.

Word from the US of A seems that the folks across the pond have been slow to snap up the Atrix and it’s XOOM tablet kin. But they may well do better over here in Blighty.

Granted, there’s no firm date given for the Atrix landing at these shores but if you happen to be an Orange or T-Mobile customer then your choice of Android muscle is looking up.

The Atrix is packing a dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 960 x 540 high-resolution qHD display. The Atrix is selling itself as a pocketable jack-of-all-trades thanks to a selection of docks.

The Laptop Dock comes with an 11.6-in attachable screen and keyboard, while the Media Dock allows for connection to your HD telly; finally there’s the Desk Dock, which, boringly in comparison to the other two, charges the handset.

You up for it?

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