Moto X smartphone will pack a Clear Pixel camera and gesture controls

taylor wimberlyMotorola’s much-rumoured Moto X has apparently been snapped and word about its ability to be customised and the smartphone’s alleged specs are filtering through the interwebs. Now, there’s news about the camera on-board the Moto X.

Another rumor suggests that the Moto X will boast a so-called Clear Pixel camera with gestures support.

This latest tidbit comes thanks to Android and Me author, Taylor Wimberly, who suggests that the device will be equipped with this new camera technology.

He doesn’t provide any further details about the availability, pricing or specifications of the device nor did he mention what this new technology actually is. A bit disappointing.

In response to the multitude of follow-up questions he simply states that “dark, blurry pics and lack of details” will be things of the past…”.

Ok. Thanks?

Is this going to be a ‘clear’ fourth pixel or something along the lines HTC’s Ultrapixel?

It seems that smartphones are not only fighting it out with apps, the cameras are becoming the focus (sorry) again.

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