Moto 360 wearable wireless charging caught in photos and video

Moto 360 smartwatchNew images of the Moto 360 Smartwatch have been leaked this week revealing the new wireless docking station and cradle that will be available for the Motorola 360 when it launches, enabling users to wirelessly charge their smartwatch when required.

These latest and quite glorious images of the Moto 360 smartwatch were published by Italian blogger Luca Viscardi via Android World  and reveal a great close-up of the heart rate sensor and monitor, the wearable docked on its charging station, as well as other elements of the watch’s design.

Moto 360 smartwatch backFrom the look of the new leaked images it seems that the Moto 360 will feature a stainless steel build, quashing rumours that the smartwatch would be entirely made of plastic.

The image of the rear of the smartwatch (above) also confirms the inclusion of a pedometer and IP67 water resistance rating.

Moto 360 smartwatch dockMotorola is expected to officially announce the launch of a new and highly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch later this month and is rumoured that the device may come with a premium price tag. This has obviously not been confirmed by Motorola yet.

Check out the video tour of the Moto 360 smartwatch below:

[youtube id=”7Ajzlcx_F0Q”]