Moto 360 smartwatch to come in different sizes

moto 360 next genI am a fan of the Moto 360 smartwatch. It’s one of the few wrist wearables that have almost seen me join in with the craze – that and the LG G Watch R. It appears that this lovely arm-puter may be coming in different sizes.

The Moto 360 was possibly the most stylish Android Wear timepieces out there until the LG Watch Urbane hit the shelves.

I do like my watches large but I do realise that the circular 1.56-inch display can look a little large on some people’s wrists.

It’s not only me who realises that the watchface could look a bit oversized on the more delicately framed out there and plans to change this for the next iteration.

moto 360 small and largeRegulatory documents filed with Brazil’s Anatel telecommunications agency have revealed two new devices sporting the model numbers ‘360S’ and ‘360L’.

It would make sense if the extra letters indicated two different sizes, as the pair are reportedly listed with 270mAh and 375mAh batteries respectively.

moto360 chargeI couldn’t mention different sized smartwatches without mentioning the Apple Watch, which has been available since launch in 38mm and 42mm flavours.

Could Motorola prepping for an announcement soon? Perhaps at IFA next month? I do hope so as I will be in Berlin ready and waiting.