Moto 360 smartwatch on sale in UK – Moto X phone discounted

moto 360It might be a month late but Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch has officially arrived in the UK today.

The very impressive smartwatch from Motorola is now available to buy via the website for £199.99.

There’s apparently very limited stock available up for grabs and so you’re limited to two watches.

The £200 Android Wear watch stands out particularly due to its classically attractive circular design, like the LG G Watch R.

To mark its arrival in the UK, Motorola’s also knocking £60 off the starting price of its Moto X flagship smartphone for the next 24 hours. The Moto X usually costs £420 but the base model is being discounted to £360 for one day only. Obviously the price goes up when you start adding extra storage or one of the more ornate finishes, like leather or wood, which are available through the Moto Maker customisation tool.

Go on, fill your boots!