Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone Available in UK

juice-packAh, The Mophie Juice Pack.

It happens to be the first Apple-approved add-on battery for the iPhone 3G and it’s going to be available in the UK people!

The Juice Pack is basically an extra lithium-ion battery that attaches to the back of your iPhone and clips into the USB charging port at the bottom.

The pack is encased in a soft material and is designed to hug the back and sides of your phone and act as a non-slip covering.

Your phone will gather extra girth but at least there’s nothing chunky dangling off the bottom like with most other emergency chargers.

Just look at the pic 😉

Mophie claim that the battery will almost double the time you can use your phone between recharges, and that you can expect around 350 hours of standby time and around 6 hours of voice/internet usage.

Those audio-junkies like me will gain around 28 hours of tunage.


£67 is the asking price 🙂