Moog Google Doodle – Don’t Expect Any Work to be Done Today

moog_google_doodleThere has been some very cool Google Doodles – but this Moog synth one is probably the best to come from the Google public relations team since the PacMan doodle.

Google has turned its webpage into a playable Moog synthesiser in honor of synth innovator Robert Moog’s birthday.

I’ve already spent too many minutes tweaking the knobs to shape the wave, changing oscillator pitches, messing around with the filter or envelope and more.

The neat thing is that the numerical values for each appear above the keyboard.

This is beyond cool! You can play the notes on your computer keyboard once you’ve clicked a note with your mouse, expanding the sonic possibilities and turning it into a real instrument.

I find it’s best to start with the keyboard row that begins QWERTY which will make the black keys the numbers 😉

Congrats Google. You have not only created a fitting tribute to the birthday of a great man you have possibly destroyed any productivity expected today 😛


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