Monster Home Theatre Remote – Retro Cool and Affordable (Unlike Other Things From Monster)

monster-remoteMonster unveiled plenty of new kit at the Consumer Electronics Association’s New York showcase including a super-thin cable for HDMI, high-speed cables for HDMI, a tabletop universal remote, and new speed tiers for its PowerNet networking solution.

To be honest it’s the controller from Monster that’s caught my eye purely because of its retro-ness.

I can’t find any dimesions for it but it is said to be a “tabletop” controller so that could all depend on the size of table.

Is it 8 inches or 28 inches?  I just don’t know.

Monster say that:

Monster will release the MCC AV50 Home Theater Controller, a tabletop universal remote control. The device includes a portable game console-like design, Web-based setup, and simple touch commands like “Play a DVD” or “Listen to Satellite Radio.”

Any wiser? All I know is that it looks kinda cool and for a Monster product it’s reasonably priced (unlike their cables).

It’ll cost $50 and colour me interested.

As for those cables – they’re really quite expensive but really – who actually buys them?

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