Monster and Diesel Produce Vektr Stealth Headphones

Monster Vektr headphones Diesel designMonster are keen to show that they have, in fact, forgotten ’bout Dre. They’ve now partnered with Diesel to announced the Vektr series of headphones and earphones.

The Vektr (has Motorola’s Senior Chief of Names moved to Monster with their lack of vowels?) series claim to offer a “premium-quality listening solution that expertly blends the worlds of fashion and great sound.”

So, some trendy cans then?

There’s little other details about the Diesel branded Monsters but if their previous work is anything to go by I would expect some decent, if not bass-heavy ear-pleasers.

The press release does state that the Vektrs are “a trendsetting personal listening solution that dramatically breaks conventional headphone style”.

Admittedly, the diamond-cut, stealth fighter design is eye-catchingly futuristic looking. It also makes them look more like a gaming headset to me – but, then what do I know about fashion?

The earphones don’t sport the headphone’s angular styling (not sure how comfy they would be anyhow) but do rock a “jet black appearance with a single bold yellow accent and a prominent Diesel logo”.

Get your ears styled with the Vektr headphones for a cost of around $250 or shove some Diesel in your ears for around $150.

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