Monmouth Becomes First Wiki Town – Wales gets QR Tagged Monmouthpedia

monmouthpediaWales may not be the first country that springs to mind for leading the world in tech but Monmouth is set to become history’s first Wikitown.

It’s scary – the amount of ‘researchers’ and students that use Wikipedia as their go to place of reliable knowledge. What does make it work is the fact that it relies upon community contribution.

Tomorrow, May 19th, the wrappers come off of Monmouthpedia, née Monmouth, Wales.

This is an experiment in “informational graffiti”.

The project originated from a Bristol-based TEDx talk when John Cummings, an occasional Wikipedia editor, suggested from the audience that the UK Chapter use QR codes to “do a whole town.”

That challenge was handed to Cummings when the Wikimedia UK chapter backed the idea.

He then moved to his home town of Monmouth where he assembled an ad hoc group of supporters who wanted to participate, including the local County Council.

6 months later Cummings has managed to gain the support of the council and local business, installed a pervasive, free WiFi network and compiled additional article contributions from site volunteers.

Using QRpedia, smartphone equipped visitors will need only to scan the omnipresent codes for an easy redirect to a corresponding language-appropriate article.

Judging by those lovely QR-packing ceramic plaques – this experiment seems to be built to last.

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