Mondaine SBB Smart stop2go wall clock

mondaine sbb smart stop2goThe Mondaine railway clock is a design classic. However, it is time that it was brought up to date, and that is exactly what has happened in order to create the Mondaine SBB Smart stop2go wall clock.

This new release takes the influential design of Mondaine’s archetypal Swiss Railway wall clock and adds Smart technology.

With its added smart skills, the new wall clock is able to do things that the classic cannot.

Mondaine SBB Smart stop2go wall clock

mondaine sbb smart stop2goIn fact, the new wall clock even keeps the quirky stop2go movement. The original railway clocks, once the second hand reaches the 12 o’clock position, stops for 2 seconds. Then the minute hand jumps forwards, and the second hand starts its new round of the clock. This is part of the charm, and I am glad it has stayed.

mondaine smart stop2goThrough a smart app (iOS and Android) you are able to update the time via Bluetooth. This ensures that updates for daylight saving are seamless.

Furthermore, the clock is able to measure the temperature of the room. This can then be seen using the app, as well.

Price and availability

You can purchase the Mondaine Smart wall clock right now for a RRP of £235.