MoGo Bluetooth Headset Folds into iPhone 3G and 3GS Case

mogo-outIf you like the idea of having a Bluetooth headset but cant trust yourself not to lose it or figured you’d kill it within moments by putting it in your jeans back pocket and then sit on it – here’s a solution for iPhone owners.

Newton Peripherals, makers of that popular MoGo Mouse, have come up with a brilliantly simple answer to the above problems.

Their flat-folding Bluetooth headset is just five millimeters thick and rests in a tiny charging slot on the back of a super slim iPhone case.

So your headset’s with you at all times and its charger is integrated right into your phone’s case, enabling you to split off your phone’s charging cord to power the micro-USB port that charges the headset.

The case is also protecting your 3G or 3GS Messiah Mobile 🙂

MoGo Talk for iPhone is the first Bluetooth headset that can charge with your mobile phone and is capable of delivering superior audio quality in an ultra-thin (5mm) design. Mogo Talk’s folding earpiece lays completely flat, enabling it to store and charge on the back of a mobile phone or inside a laptop. The MoGo Talk earpiece is specifically designed to comfortably fit inside your ear, not around a clunky speaker like other Bluetooth headsets.

On a charge the slender headset is good for up to four hours and standby time is good for up to a week.

The case is about to hit the market in small batches at a price of $99 sometime next month and then there’ll be more widespread rollouts to carrier stores (AT&T) and Apple stores later in the year.

Check out the vid below for a demo 🙂

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