Modu Modular Mobile Phone Finally on Production Line

moduRemember the clever Modu modular mobile I wrote about back in February 2008 and whose release date was whispered as being this Spring?

Well it’s apparently ready for production.

Gizmodo has received a tip; albeit via Israel, via Google Translate – so I’m guessing it’s not exactly water-tight.

Saying that though there is an article citing Modu CEO Dov Moran saying that the modular handset is scheduled for launch in Southeast Asia in Q2 and that the 200 Modu employees have been asked to swap their Nokia handsets for Modu ones.

If you’re not familiar with this funky phone you basically get a tiny cellphone and build a number of “jackets” around it that do a variety of different tasks.

There’s the Ghetto Blaster Jacket designed by JBL for instance.

Moran explains more below in a video from earlier this year:

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