Mobile Visor Will Only Attract Nosey Commuters

We’ve all had someone at some time looking over our shoulder watching what we text or checking out the latest installment of GadgetyNews.

Apart from it being annoying it doesn’t really bother me – I wouldn’t choose to do something ‘private’ on my phone whilst on public transport.

But, if you want to keep whatever you’re watching or reading to yourself then Mobile Visor is for you.

I can’t help but think that people will become more interested in what you’re looking at if you attached the $9 add-on to your Blackberry.

I reckon folk will either be thinking:

  • S/He must be doing some top secret home work
  • S/He must be surfing some adult content

As to which one………..only you will know 😉

I suppose that the bulky visor may make seeing your screen easier in very strong sunlight….so, pretty pointless in the UK then eh?



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