Mobile Media Hub or Geek Scooter?

Geek ScooterPersonally, with the weather as it is here in London, this is the only time I’d ride a scooter in a faux Italian kinda way.

But i’d still miss the car-bound comforts such as hi-fi, video screen, etc.

Not so fast! How about a scooter that packs a PC with a 1.2 GHz Mini-ITX motherboard, 1GB of RAM, a 2GB SSD, Bluetooth, and wireless internet into the frame along with a TV and radio tuner, 8″ LCD touchscreen, GPS, web cam, system status monitor, a mobile PVR and even an electric guitar PC uplink?

The Lab will be putting instructions on how to build this media hub on 2 wheels on their site.

So if you feel like a ride out just check your GPS, hit the open road to write some killer riffs as well as surfing the net whilst chatting over Skype at the same time as broadcasting your own pirate radio station and watching the news (and taping your favourite shows) as well as sharing your love as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot – get ready to build!

I can’t see how the police would have anything against it.