MO:BEN – Lunchbox With Built In Heating

moben-portable-food-containerMO:BEN seems to be the ideal solution to the packed lunch problems.

I’ve worked in places where the microwave had its own microcosm of subspecies living inside it and the fridge resembled something from the Muppet Show as most things were covered in green fur so bringing in my own food from home was a bit of a hassle.

But in these times of the crunch, eating out every lunchtime is going to hurt the pocket.

Now, if there was a way of keeping my grub cool and, should I need it, heat up last night’s take-away how good would that be?

This insulated lunchbox should keep your food cool and, instead of facing the beasts in the microwave (or the queue to use it in my current job), to reheat your food you just plug the lunchbox in.

It even has a natty little compartment in the lid for its own cuttlery!

The inside compartments are all removable and dishwasher safe.

This design by Alex Cheong comes in several funky colours and all we have to to is wait for it to become reality.

via: Coolest Gadgets