MoBank – iPhone Banking App From Those That Brought You Egg and First Direct

MoBankMobile wallets are going to become the norm soon and it was only a matter of time until a bank released an iPhone app.

And here is MoBank!

MoBank is a new mobile banking service based in the UK that has been set-up by ex-First Direct and Egg bankers, Steve Townend and Dominic Keen and it’s now available on iPhone OS 3.0.

The pressy says:

  • MoBank works with your existing bank account to let you buy and pay for stuff using your mobile phone – wherever and whenever you want
  • You can buy all sorts of things using MoBank, like cinema tickets, books, flights, flowers and gifts. So, for example, if you’re on the bus home, and you decide you want to go to the cinema after work, you can use MoBank to book tickets straight from your mobile. Or, if you’re on your way out, and you realise you’ve forgotten your Mum’s birthday, you can send her flowers – ordering, buying and paying for them via MoBank on your mobile phone.
  • You simply download the MoBank application, register your debit or credit card, get a secure MoBank PIN, and start to MoBank
  • You can also check the balance on your registered debit, and soon, you’ll be able to manage your money, pay bills (or pay your mate back that tenner you borrowed), and transfer money between accounts with MoBank – all on your mobile phone

MoBank is currently available on iPhone and is fully compliant with iPhone OS 3.0. You can download it from the Apple Apps store at:

You can find a complete list of what you can buy on MoBank at

Check out the vid below 🙂

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