MMORPGamers Targetted by Worms – World of Warcraft Virus

lan-party-764022There’s been plenty of press regarding the health issues of gamers that spend most their waking lives playing these Massively Multiplayer Online games but here’s a new health scare.

The health of your secure details held on USB’s, external hard-drives and the like.

Microsoft has published a report pointing out that virus writers are getting hip to the fact that, with so many people hooked up to games such as WoW and Legend of Mir, this is an ideal way of transmitting virii.

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report discovered that there has been a 156% increase in cases of the Taterf worm, which scans USB-sticks, external hard-drives and shared folders of infected PCs.

MMORPGamers are more at risk as the Taterf worm will slink around their computer looking for login details to subscription-based online games, this then opens a can-of-worms (sorry) as it can then grab personal details like the bank accounts used to pay for the game – these can then be sold on by basta….hackers to third-party mother-fu…. criminals.

The report says that this is a warning to gamers and those who operate gaming services: “Taterf’s impressive growth underscores the need for organisations to develop guidelines for removable drives and evaluate how connections are made to outside machines.”

So, like any group activity where you connect and share everything – stay protected out there! 😉

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