IPPINKA - MKC Wallet LoadedWe here at GadgetyNews don’t only love tech that’s powered. Some of our favourite gadge comes though clever design. The MKC Wallet could well be one of them.

>Since around 5 years ago, I stopped carting my much beloved Vivienne Westwood wallet. This was a very thoughtful gift and is still a much treasured possession. The thing is, I tend to carry less ‘real’ money with me and am really trying to declutter my life.

We all know that the more opportunity for carrying rubbish you allow, the greater the possibility of this becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy.

These days I carry a small card wallet that has just enough room for a few bits of folding money as well as my necessary cards.

MKC Wallet

What caught my interest with this money manager is that it boasts more than card space. Here, it states, that it will cart your keys, change and, most important of all, a bottle opener

IPPINKA - MKC Wallet Loaded closedThe MKC gets its name from Money, Keys, Cards, promises to carry all that, and more. It started off as a Kickstarter campaign and is now ready for pre-order.

Thanks to a swivel feature, you get easy access to keys and fobs. Why not add that bottle opener or USB drive?

IPPINKA - MKC wallet - Content SpreadWith a pair of pockets you can separate money from cards.

The Wallet comes in two styles and two colours. With or without flap, black or vintage brown.

Price and availability

You can pre-order the MKC Wallet direct from the webstore. Prices start at $60 for the wallets.

The bottle opener and 16GB USB key are also available for $12 and $39 respectively.