MK802 HDMI Packing Android Pocket Computer for Under $75

MK802 Android USB ComputerStill waiting for FXI’s Cotton Candy? Well, if you want an Android pocket puter for under $75 then you should check out the MK802.

The MK802 comes from China and is on sale now.

Measuring a tiny 3.5-inches x 1.4-inches x 0.5-inches the MK802 is truly portable.

Under the hood sits a single-core Allwinner A10 CPU (based on an ARM Cortex A8) which runs at 1.5GHz. That’s partnered by 512MB RAM and 4GB of storage.

The MK802 runs Android 4.0 but word is that you should also be able to install other operating systems like Ubuntu on it.

Being more than $100 less that the Cotton Candy you have to expect to make a few compromises.

The MK802 has ports rather than connectors which means that you’ll need to use different cables or adapters to connect it up to your TV rather than plugging it in directly.

You also loose the remote control supplied but, thanks to USB Host support, you’ll be able to connect up a mouse and keyboard to actually work with the device.

You do get a Micro USB port, a microSD card slot to add extra storage, and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi to connect to your home network.

It’s available now with free shipping from China for $74

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