Mitsubishi Release 3D 737 Televisions – 82 Inches Anyone?

mitsubishi-737-series-3d-tvIt sounds like that Mitsubishi has launched a “3D-Ready” television over in the states with the claim that it’s a feature that will become more in demand as 3D content production continues to increase.

Mitsu are going for a double-whammy as not only is it 3D ready, the new range of tele’s includes the largest “home theater TVs” available.

The new 737 series includes the giant 82 inch 1080p model along with 60 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch screen sizes and they all have that 3D-Ready viewing tech.

“As the home theater market continues to flourish and the cinema space continues to embrace 3D, we clearly see Mitsubishi’s 3D-Ready Home Theater TVs playing a key role in meeting consumers craving for the best and most advanced home theater experience”, said David Naranjo, director of product development, Mitsubishi.

“We are clearly keeping pace with this increased demand and our new line-up of Home Theater TVs offer consumers the opportunity to bring 3D into their own home to enjoy 3D movies and games”.

Prices for the 3D-tastic 737 series starts at $1,499 up goes up to $4,199 for that 82 inch beauty – size can be important sometimes.

Sadly, there’s no news on a UK launch – just as well really. I’d have to watch films from across the road from my appartment.