MIT’s Cheetah robot now leaps over walls

cheetah jumpYou may be already familiar with Big Dog and Little Dog and, even though they do look intimidating, I always felt safe in the knowledge that, should I ever be chased by one, I could just leap a small wall and thwart their plans. MIT have now developed their super-speedy Cheetah robot to include a new killer move.

MIT’s scientists spent years making the Cheetah robot a more efficient runner and they seem pretty happy with that.

So, the next stage was to upgrade the big robocat’s skills so that it can autonomously jump over hurdles.

Yup, Cheetah can automatically detect and leap over multiple objects while it runs, without breaking its stride!

The scientists claim it’s the “first four-legged robot” to be able to do so. You just know that they’re going to make it be able to jump higher and longer so that there is literally no place to hide.

[youtube id=”_luhn7TLfWU” ]