Mio introduces MiVue C Series discreet dashcams

MiVue C310The new MiVue C Series of stylish, discreet and lightweight dash cams from Mio promises to be a complete driving assistant.

Each camera within this range includes premium features such as night vision, auto power on to record whole journeys, 3 Axis G-Sensors, and high definition quality video capture. Furthermore, they start at just £49.99.

Mio MiVue C Series

MiVue C330In addition to the aforementioned features, the C330 and C380 are also equipped with integrated GPS with speed alarms, together with lifetime speed camera updates. The C380 further adds all round vision with a rear camera.

Both cameras utilise high quality Sony sensors for clarity of picture.

Everything you need

MiVue C330 comboWith auto power on, the MiVue C series dash cams begin recording as soon as the vehicle starts moving. This feature allows Mio dash cams to blend in to everyday life with ease.

Both the C330 and C380 can record the entire route using the integrated GPS, ensuring every detail is captured in picture-perfect quality. This includes speed, altitude, longitude, latitude and heading. Not only will it make your road-trip video more interesting, these could prove invaluable in the event of a claim.

Image quality

The C310 captures in  720p but all the other models within the C series range shoots in Full HD 1080p. They also are loaded with an F2.0 130° wide-angle lens to capture every detail.

3-Axis G-Sensor

The entire MiVue C series range are equipped with a 3-Axis G-Sensor. This will detect any sudden changes of movement that may be the result of an accident. The footage is then automatically stored and cannot be overwritten. A handy feature for evidence in insurance investigations. You can also use the camera mode to take close up shots following the accident if required.

MiVue Manager

Using MiVue Manager you can playback the recorded videos as well as share them on YouTube and Facebook.

Videos can be organised easily using the video organiser and it is also possible to include a GPS overlay in Google maps to show a moving map of the vehicles route synchronised with the video.

The Direction Analyser displays any 3-axis G-forces and shows the direction of driving in time with the clip.

Price and availability

The range of MiVue C series devices with features and specifications can be viewed here.


  • MiVue C300 – £49.99
  • MiVue C310 – £59.99
  • MiVue C320 – £69.99
  • MiVue C330 – £79.99
  • MiVue C380 – £149.99