Mintpass Mintpad Tiny PMP / MID For Under £100

mintpas-mintpad-organiseBefore you dismiss the Mintpass Mintpad MID (Mobile Internet Device) as another PMP (Portable Media Playerthat’s gonna go and enter a saturated market this one has a few twists and it’s about to go on sale outside of its native South Korea!

Pocketables has knowledge that the 2.8inch touchscreen, Windows CE 5.0 Wi-Fi device is being “Anglicized” as we speak – errr, should that be Anglicised? 😉

The neat part of this story is if the prices are also “Anglicized” in direct translation it would mean that the Mintpass mintpad would cost a crunchtastic £97!

For the sub £100 price you get something that would cope with all your PDA organising stuffs (calendar, memos, contacts), music, video (Xvix, Divx, MPEG-4 and WMV) and interweb browsing – cool huh? Minty cool 🙂

Mintpass says that translation for the Mintpass mintpad will be completed by April or May so keep up-to-date by subscribing and/or visiting the new site!