Minority Report Style Controls Coming to Your Media Centre PCs

Motion Control seems to be squaring up to be the thing of this year and your PC may well be the next motion-sensing enabled device.

PrimeSense, the creator of the Kinect system for XBox 360 has teamed up with Asus to make such a beast.

The controller goes by the name “WAVI Xtion,” will give you wavy-handed control over your media center PC.

Confusingly it seems that WAVI Xtion will need a decent amount of room just like Kinect so scratch using it in a small room.

Asus is planning an “Xtion Online Store,” where developers will be able to sell apps designed for the WAVI Xtion.

Judging by the amount of hacked Kinect’s appearing on YouTube there is a demand for gesture-controlled puters and I’m in no doubt that merely controlling your media centre is only the beginning for WAVI Xtion – app cobblers will soon be sorting out PC game control I’m sure.

The WAVI Xtion is currently scheduled for launch in February of this year. It will be formally introduced at both the PrimeSense and Asus booths at CES this week.

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