MiniSun Tri-Colour LED desk lamp review

TRICOLOUR FLEXI NECK ENERGY SAVING LED TASK DESK LAMP 1Often we are left with choices. Do we want a versitile lamp that looks ‘ok’ or a lamp that will look great in the room but lack features. Of course, you can have it all but that will generally mean digging deep in to your pocket. I’ve been living with the MiniSun tri-colour flexi neck task lamp and think I may have found something that does it all.

Having a desk that’s full of tech does kind of lead me in to making certain decisions regarding decor and furniture. I do spend many hours sat at this desk generally working but, on occasions, I do like to get in some gaming. Working and gaming require different lighting, as does watching videos at my station.

Ideally, I could do with a lamp that will not only fit in with my tech but be adjustable to suit what I’m doing.

MiniSun tri-colour flexi neck task lamp design

The MiniSun tri-colour lamp features a broad (187mm diameter) white base that leads up to flexible neck section which is covered in a beige rubberised material. This terminates in a long lamp housing.

The base is equipped with an integrated on/off switch and five-stage dimmer, along with a mode switch. I call them switches but all these controls are touch sensitive which allows everything to stay nice, clean and minimal.

The lamp head is where most of the tech is located.

TRICOLOUR FLEXI NECK ENERGY SAVING LED TASK DESK LAMP 5In the MiniSun tri-colour task lamp you get 52 LEDS that are able to cycle through 3 colour options – yeah, hence the name.

The modes are warm white, neutral white and daylight and these are further adjustable through the five stage dimmer.

This means that you can change the light colour from an ambient soft hue to a bright task and craft light.

Thanks to that flexible neck you can aim where you need the light and it can stand 670mm.

MiniSun tri-colour flexi neck task lamp performance

As the MiniSun desk lamp uses LEDs this mean that it sips at electricity.

The lamp is rated at an actual wattage of 12W which produces 700 lumens.

TRICOLOUR FLEXI NECK ENERGY SAVING LED TASK DESK LAMP 3The colour ratings, according to the company’s information, is 6500K daylight, 400K neutral white, and 3000k warm white.

When working by myself I use the full daylight setting for localised but clear light, especially when reading from printed press releases.

The warm white on a lower setting creates the perfect ambiance for gaming. I find that the neutral white mode is perfect for blogging and checking my socials as it’s not too harsh and bright to be distracting but casts a nice glow over my work station.

MiniSun tri-colour flexi neck task lamp review conclusion

I think I have found a good looking desk lamp that not only fits in with its surroundings but adds to them.

Throw in touch controls, three lighting modes and five levels of dimming and the MiniSun task lamp certainly ticks all the boxes. But what does it cost?

TRICOLOUR FLEXI NECK ENERGY SAVING LED TASK DESK LAMP 2The price of the MiniSun tri-colour flexi neck task lamp might just surprise you.

It was £29.99, which was pretty good for such a versatile lamp but it has just been discounted to £24.99 – and that includes delivery.

How could you not invest in one? Head over to Valuelights right now.