MiniSun ice cube base table lamp review

MiniSun ice cube base table lamp


Build quality







  • Looks great
  • LED is a low energy option
  • Designer looks without price tag
  • Elegant


  • A bit unstable
  • Shade gets hot

MiniSun ice cube base table lampLooking for an occasional lamp that packs understated cool? How about a lovely arced metal designer-style light with an ice cube effect base?

Valuelights continues to offer stylish lights and lamps at very reasonable prices.

The latest edition from their catalogue that I have been sent to review is this small arced-neck table lamp by MiniSun.

The lamp is a very modernist design with the metal neck and shade and clear, ice cube-like base.

So, it has the looks but does it work and is it worth the price?

MiniSun ice cube base table lamp design

Anyone that’s in to interior design may have noticed that this table lamp has a touch of the Achille and Pier Castiglioni’s about it which, in my opinion, can never be a bad thing.

Needless to say that there’s more than a little difference between price between the Castiglionis’ lamp and this one offered through Valuelights.

MiniSun ice cube base table lamp record playerThe table lamp stands 35cm tall and 9cm wide with a depth of 28cm. The lamp is available in chrome, black chrome, and copper finishes. The one I have received is the chrome one and it is a very highly polished finish.

The crystal ice cube style base does not take up much table-space and is a nice detail. Being see-through also gives the impression of the lamp not adding to any clutter on your surface.

From the base runs the power lead that features an in line on / off switch

MiniSun ice cube base table lamp performance

MiniSun ice cube base table lamp reviewThe lamp can be fitted with a 3w LED light bulb which is fine for spot illuminating, as I have done, my record player. It could brighten a corner or you could add a coloured LED in order to add a splash of accent colour to a certain part of your room.

I found the lamp a little top-heavy in that it does not require much effort to topple the light over. This is easily rectified by either simply being careful when dusting, or adding some white tack (as I have white furniture) to the base. Just keep this in mind if you have kids or clumsy partners.

The lamp shade, being metal, can get warm when using a conventional bulb. Unfortunately, the LED bulb sent with the lamp did not work but, as these tend to run cooler, probably solves that issue.

MiniSun ice cube base table lamp review conclusion

I did not tell my partner about this lamp and she spotted it straight away and loved it. It is a classy, modern looking lamp and suits our space perfectly.

As I said before, I use this to light my turntable so that I can relax in the darkness but just have the lamp on so I can see what I am doing when placing the tonearm.

I love the clear base but I do feel that it could either be wider or, more likely, a little heavier just to help with the lamp’s stability.

MiniSun ice cube base table lamp price and availability

You can buy this MiniSun contemporary table lamp with ice block base now from Valuelights for the bargain price of £34.99.