Mini USB Second Screen

I for one am linked to way too many social networking time leeching sites and find myself jumping from app to app throughout the day just to check what’s going on or who is online.

Well, good ol’ Century Japan have just introduced something that could increase my productivity.

Namely the LCD-4300U USB mini screen.

So why would you want a tiny second screen?

Simple my friends – if you’re working on something important, let’s say that overdue report, you can concentrate on your main screen, with your ‘social’ stuff on the second screen – no more screen flicking.

All you need is to have a USB socket spare and this 4.3-inch screen will plug right in.

It offers WVGA resolution with LED backlighting but it’s also asking £120 (plus shipping from the far east).

Is it worth it?

GeekStuff4U via Akihabara News