Mini Metro – plan the underground and lose hours

subwayWhen you’re squeezed in on the tube and ponder whether or not you could do a better job at planning the underground you can now put yourself to the test, thanks to Mini Metro.

I’m not talking about the small hatchback built by Austin, I am referring to a neat little simulator game by Dinosaur Polo Club.

The game itself is actually pretty simple. All you do is drag the tube lines between each station, wait for your city to grow, and rearrange as needed in a SimCity kinda way.

Everything other than the actual layout of the subway lines is done automatically, leaving you free to focus on the efficiency planning aspect entirely.

mini metroBeing in its early stages, the minimalistic game still has a quite a few more features coming in later releases but it is already quite addictive.

The alpha is available as a standalone in addition to the in-browser version, which you can play here. Be warned though, you might find you spend more time tinkering than you’d think.

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