MiLi Pro – Unfold and Transform Your iPhone into a Projector

mili-pro-lensThe MiLi Pro is a LCOS, LED powered projector for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Unfold the MiLi Pro and pop in your iPhone so it sits in what looks like a high-tech deckchair and off you go.

It’ll spray a picture at a res of 640×480 and they recommend not to drift further than 40 inches away from your wall/screen.

Looking at the 10 lumens – it’s not gonna burn those retinas and perhaps make sure the room is very dark and stay close to the viewing space 😉

The whole thing is rechargeable and has VGA and RCA inputs as well as a dock connector.

The site says soon and I’ve heard tell of September.

More pics below – click to enlargen 🙂

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