Miko+ robotic kid companion at CES 2018

miko+ robotStart-up, emotix, will launch its flagship robot companion, Miko+, to the US market at CES 2018.

emotix was created by leading scientists, educators, psychologists and robotics researchers. So, quite clever and serious folk.

emotix’s vision is to develop and introduce new generations of social robots. Furthermore, they aim to produce the highest levels of emotionally and empathy-responsive social interactions between humans and machines.

Miko+ is the next-gen companion robot for children. It incorporates advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology with significantly enhanced emotional and social intelligence capabilities.


This companion bot has been designed to help busy parents meet the challenge of balancing exposure of tech to kids along with family bonding time.

Miko robot emotixMiko+’s interactive features provide advanced companionship with learning and development benefits to children. Meanwhile, at the same time, it enables closer interactions between family members.

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Additionally, Miko+ is also empathy-centric. The social robot enables parents to monitor and manage their child’s interactions via an accompanying parental analytics dashboard.

The Miko+ platform aims to enhance two-way child learning and development. The company believes that this goes beyond the limitiations of current tech such as smartphones, video games, and tablets. Additionally, they see other online child development and learning based technology platforms as being similarly limited.


Dr. Mona Gajre, renowned Professor of Pediatrics in charge of the Pediatric Neurodevelopment Centre in Mumbai, India, has closely advised on the development of Miko. She states

Miko is a wonderful companion for providing children a fun-filled experience, containing impressive interactive technology that engages a child and a design that is extremely trendy and child-friendly. While It makes learning fun and engages the child actively in different tasks, its non-threatening, human way of interacting with children has immense potential to be used as a tool to aid learning and training in schools”

Sneh Vaswani, CEO and founder of emotix, said

Through extensive research and observation, we found that current generations of social robots did not address the unmet needs of parents to foster closer interactions between family members as well as integrating their involvement in their children’s learning and development process. We understood this conundrum facing parents and wanted to develop a social robot that would provide benefits to them on a number of levels, giving children a technology interface that becomes a strong value addition to and not a substitute for the family unit, and that also enables parents to actively participate in their child’s developmental education.”

Meet Miko+

emotix will be demonstrating Miko+ at Booth # 25700 at CES. They will also be showcasing their vision for the future of social robotics technology