Mike Thompson’s Blood Lamp Changes the Meaning of “Turn Those Bloody Lights Off!”

bloodGoths seem to be seen as having an overlap with the whole vampire thing.

Well this clever design sounds like it could well be a vampire/goth band………………….

Granted – I’m eagerly awaiting series 3 of True Blood and I have been known to hang out with members of the London Vampire Group and have actually read some Poppy Z Brite and Anne Rice novels – but that takes nothing away from Mike Thompson’s design.

Welcome to the stage – Blood Lamp.

As you may have already guessed this light actually generates its power from blood.


Errrrrrrrrr…… yeah.

To light up the lamp the user must break off the top of the lamp, dissolve a tablet in the solution and use their blood to power the light.

The point of this exercise is that it forces the lamp lighter to consider when the most important time to use the light is.

Basically; it forces them to be more considerate and reflect of how wasteful we are with energy on a daily basis.

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