MiiXR shakes up fitness supplement mixing

MiiXRAt the office I am surrounded by colleagues who hit the gym before work, at lunchtime or before heading home. A number of them are also armed with bottles that they shake after adding in curious powders. Well, MiiXR aims to make this aspect of keeping fit much better.

MiiXR has been developed by the original creators of the hugely popular vortex mixer, PROMiXX.

The people behind it claim that it is a revolutionary sports bottle and protein shaker all-in-one deal. It launched for pre-release this week on Kickstarter.

The designers say that:

It is the future of supplement mixing”

What’s the deal?

The 2012 forerunner to MiiXR is already being used by more than 250,000 people in 50 countries and has become the number one choice for many elite athletes across almost all disciplines.

MiiXR suppliment mixer athleteDespite this success, CEO, Joe Faulkner-Edwards is on a mission to continue the progress of the health and fitness sector, by creating even more innovative products.

MiiXR features

The team behind this mixer/sports drink cup consulted with their huge customer base during development of their latest project. This brought them a wealth of insight to bring together a list of best-in-class technological features:

  • Ergonomic wide-mouth sports cap and breather hole provides superior airflow and reduced spillage
  • Stylish soft-touch cup for comfortable use and portability
  • Magnetic coupling enables motor detachment for easy-cleaning and convenience
  • Upgraded seals on lid, cap and blade prevent mess
  • Tritan copolyester construct ensures durability and resistance to impact and odour
  • X-blade technology creates optimal fluid dynamics for effortless vortex mixing

[youtube id=”MmPIul0hvg4″]

I particularly like that the video shows it being used for mixing pancake batter and cocktails. Not together, I must add. That would be silly!

MiiXR and MiiXR+

The MiiXR+ is more powerful thanks to two Lithium-ion batteries. These power the “kick-ass torque and convenient device-charging capability”.

Uniquely, the shaker can charge phones, tablets or headphones on the move whilst a micro-usb phone cable recharges the battery from a mains supply.


MiiXR has launched on crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, targeting a minimum total pledge of $30,000.

Early backers will receive exclusive pre-launch delivery of the product, along with discounts of up to 40% off retail prices.

For more information, visit their Kickstarter page.