Miffi MP3 Player – Cute DAP with Totally Cute Dock

miffy_mobiblu_a50Sometimes I have to report on tech that may not be the best quality in terms of function but is painfully cute.

MobiBlu are known for their unusual MP3 players like the UFO and Cross but check this one out 🙂

This DAP player that I spied on Akihabaranews  falls into the latter quality, although I’m prepared to be proved wrong.

If you’re not familiar with this bunny – say hello to Miffy, or the A50, to give it its non-cute name.

All the controls are on Miffi’s back and what gives it that extra cute-rating is that the Miffi A50 comes with an equally cute cradle.

Technical details are not known but I’m not thinking audiophile right now 😉

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