Microsoft Zune Really Coming to the UK at Long Last

zune-logoZune coming to UK?

Yeah – that’s what I thought when I was told this.

I reckoned that these very shores were going to get a taste of the MP3 player that was designed to take on Apple’s iPod.

Ok, so almost four years later the Zune only owns 2% of the US MP3 market – a tad short of the iPod’s 73%.

But, before that bubble of yours gets to big – I’m not talking about that Zune HD PMP.

This ‘Zune’ refers to the remodelled movie and music streaming and download service about to hit the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has decided to rethink its strategy and aim at making the Zune name into a bigger brand.

This so called “three screens” (PC, TV, mobile) approach will change the way you watch movies on Xbox LIVE from Tuesday.

First: you’ll be able to stream them with no need for downloading, and secondly it’ll all be packaged under the ‘Zune’ brand.

You LIVE users will also be able to access Facebook and Twitter.

Christine Heckart, the companys general TV, video and music marketing manager said: “The strategy and vision of Zune is to continue to build out that full entertainment experience. This is a very important step for us to introduce Zune to new consumers around the world.”

Still not sure if we’ll ever see the portable media players of the same brand here.

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