Microsoft Zune HD Will Have OLED – Will Come to UK

zunehdwmuserThe Zune HD will be packing an OLED screen and it’s coming to the UK!

wmuser has some new rumours about the Zune HD, as well as that sweet new pic that’s posted here 😉

Their sources claim that the Zune HD will launch in September in the US, Canada, France and the UK – the rest of Europe would then follow.

More than that though – they state that the Zune HD will come with an OLED screen, 16 or 32GB of storage and there’s a whisper of an HDMI slot to hook it up to your hi-def gogglebox!

To add fuel to the current unfounded murmer of an Xbox Portable there’s words that the Zune HD will support “3D Xbox games” – now that would be interesting.

I’m sure that there’ll be more about this in the coming months so keep coming back here y’hear?