Microsoft Xbox 360 Gets New Dashboard After Live Hacked – or Not

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox 360 dashboard will be getting redecorated in a week or so. This follows the news that the Xbox Live online gaming community has been hacked with reports of user accounts leaking money to scammers… or not.

The Xbox dashboard is getting an overhaul on December 6th which will bring parity across the interfaces of all its products.

The new look will have a dash of Windows 8 and a splash of Windows Phone 7’sMetro” tile-based design. Don’t worry, the redesign will also keep elements of the original Xbox Experience just so you don’t feel totally lost.

Profiles and save data will the ability to be squirted to the cloud, and you’ll be able to set “beacons” to let others know when you’ll be playing online.

You will notice that there will be more integration with the Big M’s motion controller, Kinect.

The new dash will also house more on-demand content with BBC iPlayer, 4OD and the Xbox newcomer, LoveFilm, on board in time for Christmas.


It seems that Microsoft’s online gaming community been hit by thieves who launched email phishing attacks on thousands of Xbox users in 35 countries.

According to the ever reliable The Sun British Xboxers were lured by the promise of free Microsoft points and then left around £100 lighter.

The money was reportedly siphoned away in small amounts making it harder to spot, and some gamers have had more than £200 stolen.

Not Hacked!

Microsoft has strongly denied claims that Xbox LIVE has been hacked. The popular press have gone a bit adrift with their claims that Xbox Live had suffered a security breach exposing user data. The company pounced on to its official Facebook page in response to The Sun reported that gamers had lost between £100 and £200 each.

The money was gained via phishing scams similar to those meant to look like your bank is ‘checking your details’, or prompt you to hand over your card details to fake websites, etc.

The thing here is that it’s generally best to keep to official channels and never respond to emails asking for personal details. That goes for any emails or websites, not just those related to Xbox Live or gaming. Try and not to give out your personal details to online buddies either as word on the street has it that scammers have been befriending gamers and getting them to spill personal information.

Microsoft clarified victims had been the unfortunate victims of a phishing scam.

Microsoft statement:

Xbox LIVE has not been hacked. Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox LIVE service. In this case, a number of Xbox LIVE members appear to have recently been victim of malicious ‘phishing’ scams (ie. online attempts to acquire personal information such as passwords, user names and credit card details by purporting to be a legitimate company or person). The online safety of Xbox LIVE members remains of the utmost importance, which is why we consistently take measures to protect Xbox LIVE against ever-changing threats. As a result, we are currently:

Working closely with affected members who have been in touch with us to investigate and/or resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts resulting from phishing scams;
Warning people against opening unsolicited e-mails which may contain spyware and other malware that can access personal information contained on their computer without their knowledge or permission;
Reminding all customers that they should be very careful to keep all personal information secure whenever online and never supply e-mail addresses, passwords or credit card information to strangers.

Microsoft remains vigilant at all times regarding the security of Xbox LIVE customers. As always, Xbox LIVE customers who have any queries or concerns should contact Xbox LIVE Customer Service on 0800 587 1102 or visit

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