Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Failing at Facebook

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This aint great news for Microsoft….

According to the amount of Facebook users Windows Phone 7 isn’t doing too well.

The figures seem to show that WinPho 7 is not exactly setting the mobile world alight. Phones packing what I think looks to be a very decent OS hit a mere 40,000 sales reported on their first day in US. And now new data suggests that number now sits at a disappointing 117,000.

These latest figures are taken from Facebook stats, which calculate the number of people using Windows Phone 7’s on-board Facebook app – just 117, 256 people slipped onto to check up on friends or update their status on the social network.

83,646 of those accessed Facebook on Windows Phone 7 using the Facebook app available in Marketplace – whilst the rest stuck with using the handsets own Facebook link.

Before you make any judgments – I have to say that Facebook may not be my first stop to get an idea of WinPho7 ownership – I mean, who’s to say that EVERYONE that owns a phone uses it to jump onto the social networking site?

Facebook apparently acts as a good indicator of user numbers because of its huge popularity and high install base. Of course, there could be plenty more Windows Phone 7 devices roaming the globe, but using the low end of the Facebook App is a safe bet and will still be hard to swallow for the Big M when they check out what their iOS and Android classmates are doing.

Have you got a WinPho7 device? Are you on Facebook?

I’ve only seen the OS and not had a real good play with it so let me know what you think about it 🙂