Microsoft wearable looks like a very smart watch indeed

windows smartwatchIt’s pretty much a given that Microsoft will be releasing a wrist-worn wearable and not leave the fight just to be between Android Wear and the Apple iWatch. The patent sketches are ok but this latest round of images makes it a much smarter proposition.

The watch looks really great and, because it looks like a classic timepiece right down to the leather strap, not likely to look out-of-date next year.

The design has Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri competitor, built right into the centre of the watch face with its blue ring looking perfectly suited to be placed in the middle of the hour and minute hands.

This design concept is the brainchild of Nadir Aslam and I am sure you’ll agree that it looks spot on.

The wrist worn Microsoft smartwatch is rumoured to sport a stack of sensors including heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and galvanic skin response sensor which measures sweat.

At least this wearable should work with other operating systems unlike most other smartwatches.

windows wearablesDespite sounding very advanced the rumoured shape is, apparently, will be more like the Samsung Gear Fit or the Fitbit One.

I find that quite disappointing as this means that it will more likely be another sporty activity tracker rather than a watch. But this is just rumour and there’s every chance that Microsoft will up its game in order to keep up with the competition.

If you feel like drooling over more of these concept images, head over to here.