Microsoft to Bring Unknown Pleasures to Zune

Unknown PleasuresMicrosoft is readying a Joy Division edition of its Zune MP3 player to coincide with the release of a DVD about those fabulous Mancs.

The Zune will feature an adaptation of the cover art from the band’s 1979 album debut, Unknown Pleasures, which artist Peter Saville created using a graph of one hundred pulses from pulsar CP 1919, dontcha know ;0,

Personally I think that all of these players should carry a ‘FAC’ number……………….

 I for one am waiting for any more Insights and pictures of this new Candidate of cool mp3/band get togethers.

Until then I shall be lost in the Wilderness or I’ll be in the centre of the city in the night, waiting for you.

Yeah – I’m a fan.


I’ll stop this now.